ACETECH are proud to donate €1000 to this quarter’s chosen coffee charity ‘Bikers Rideout for Prems‘. Staff have been donating €1 for every cup of coffee from our HQ’s coffee machine, with 100% of the proceeds going towards a different charity every few months.

This quarter, ACETECH were delighted to welcome some of the bikers from the Bikers Ride Out for Prems charity and present them with a cheque of the staff donations. We were delighted with the amount raised, and were able to present a cheque totaling €1000 towards this wonderful cause.

It is amazing the difference just a small contribution can make, and it is a credit to our staff who used the machine and donated over the preceding months. We are very proud of them and the fact that this money can go towards making a real difference in our local community.

This financial contribution will go towards purchasing life-saving and life maintaining medical equipment for Irish Neonatal Units and Children’s Hospitals where the hospital budget has reached its limit and cannot afford to purchase this necessary equipment.

Bikers Ride Out For Prems were born from the concerted efforts of a group of bike enthusiasts who were riding under the Blue Daos Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Banner. Each year they raise vital funds to purchase life-saving and life maintaining medical equipment for Irish Neonatal Units and Children’s Hospitals. They also supply breast pumps for each neonatal units which can be used by parents of premature babies who are not in a financial position to rent this costly equipment thus supplying life-saving breast milk to infants whose intestinal systems cannot tolerate artificial feeding, thus taking pressure off milk banks and easing financial hardship to the families of preterm infants or seriously ill babies.

These guys use their own personal time and effort to raise money to purchase Medical Equipment for Irish Neonatal Units and Hospitals for Sick Children in Ireland.

You may ask why they do what they do? In short, some of their members have been touched by a premature birth or a sick child or knows someone else who has.

They work hard all year round to help better our hospitals and even go as far as visiting a sick child just to put a smile on their face or make a wish come true. True gentlemen and ladies with hearts of gold.

They are completely non profit and all funds raised goes toward NICU’s and Hospitals For Sick Children.


Bikers Ride Out for Prems made their first stop at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital at 9:30 on Thursday morning, delivering much needed equipment for the neonatal unit.

Sponsored by Boann Distillery, who supported the purchase of the products and also donated whiskey to the cause to be raffled off, the neonatal unit were delighted with the arrival.

A voluntary charity called Bikers Ride Out For Prems, set up by The Blue Daos Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Banner in Ireland, raise money through raffles, bucket collections, and their main attraction, their Whiskey Challenge.

Sean Brennan, founder of the charity previously raised much needed funds for hospitals located throughout Ireland, raising nearly €45,000 for their cause.